Halloween Pics

Here are some photos we took last night and today with Simone dressed up as a chile pepper, and a few more with our jack-o-lanterns and her pumpkin hat proudly knitted by mama.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!

We're getting ready for Halloween and took some pictures of Simone next to our jack-o-lanterns (one of which is a Barack-o-lantern), and we'll post them very soon. I have been working on moving our online photos from Flickr to Picasa since Picasa gives us more space and albums to work with. We'll keep our Flickr account for now, but you can find future photos of us at this link:

Our house will be converting into an Obama campaign headquarters from Saturday to Tuesday. Some campaign workers asked if they could use our house as a base until the election is over due to our proximity to a key district and we were happy to be able to help. We should have some good photos from the weekend that we will post after the election.

Make sure you vote!

This one is for my Dad

It's not an anniversary or a birthday for my Dad - though what would have been his 59th is coming up - but this morning I read in the paper that Levi Stubbs, of the Four Tops, died. We regularly have little family dance parties with Simone but today I pulled out the Best of the Four Tops - on vinyl of course - and we had a Levi Stubbs Memorial version of our dance parties. Halfway through "I'll Be There", I was all teary and thinking of my Dad and his love and curiousity about music and how important that was and is to me too. And I wish he could see his granddaughter hearing the Four Tops for the first time or shake a maraca with her.

Four Tops Jam with Simone from Kyla Sweet on Vimeo.

Only after I took the footage did I realize the irony of the song - it is the same old song Dad, but it does have a different meaning now that you're gone.
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