Digital-rific, once again

We have replaced the digital camera! And luckily we were able to retrieve the photos from it before laying the "old" (all of 6 months old...) one to rest, because it had very important pictures on it. My Mom (aka Grandma Sweet) came to visit/help us when Simone was 3 weeks old.

Here she is, meeting Simone.

Mom spoiled us something fierce and we all miss her company, her cooking and our late night domino contests.

We also went to the Coast with her, to see some white sand and blue sky in amongst the winter drear. It was a beautiful day on the beach, as you can see.

We've posted a whole bunch of new photos on our flickr account here so come visit and see Simone in her first pair of glasses, among other sights.

Sorry for the brief post but it's taken all day just to write these words, in between feedings, naps and many techniques tried to avert crying. If you have a minute to yourself today, please enjoy it and think of those less fortunate, like new Moms, who may not.

Audio not visual

Hello! We haven't been able to post any pictures recently due to accidentally dropping our digital camera. Trust us, though, Simone is doing well and is looking very cute. So, until we get a replacement camera (this weekend), we thought that we would post an audio link to Simone making the sounds that we are oh so familiar with. Now you can play this at three in the morning and experience what we experience! Also, we have some photos from when Kyla's mom was here two weeks ago that we will get onto our next blog posting very soon! We had a great time and we were very glad that she could visit. I hope she felt the same way, especially as we were able to go to the coast in February and enjoy the beach.
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