We Love Spam!

Actually, we just like funny replies to Spam.

So we made a book called "Dear Spam."

It chronicles the weirdest, funniest and saddest replies our anonymous source received while temping for a company that produces those e-mails telling us about their latest sale and newest release. Children write to Big Video Game Companies with their suggestions, adults write looking for a job and dogs that stay small and bangles for big boned ladies.

Have a look on our Print page for more information or you can visit them in person at two Portland stores we love: Reading Frenzy and Powell's Books

Win a free book!
Write to us a with your best Spam story.
We'll determine a winner, post it on the site and send you a free book.
Deadline: December 25th.



I do my best thinking in the morning - 5 a.m. to be precise. I am one of those irritating early risers. I never have to set my alarm clock. I never sleep in.
My eyes open and I am wide awake, my brain working overtime. Big ideas, little ideas, they all flow over me. Everything seems possible, do-able, achievable. It is a great way to wake up.

But then the day hits. No time for breakfast, off to work, groceries, biking home, keeping in touch with people, cleaning, a few stitches of knitting, a movie and bed. Those fragile 5 a.m. ideas get buried underneath the weight of the everyday.

idea jar inc is our attempt to keep them afloat. Some will materialize faster than others but this website is where they will reside. Because having all these ideas is great, but realizing them and sharing them is the best part.

* Many thanks to Matchbox Creative for making this part of the idea come true.
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